• Food Safety Policy


Stadium Australia Operations Pty Ltd (the Company) is committed to providing quality catering services for sports and entertainment venues, events, meetings and special events.  To support our catering operations, the Company has developed and implemented a Food Safety Management System, which complies with and is third party certified to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 22000:2005.


This Food Safety Policy defines the Company objectives and demonstrates our commitment to our food safety management system.


All employees of VenuesLive Management Services Pty Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiaries.


The Company is a leading provider of management and hospitality services to venues and events. 

The Food Safety Management System provides the basis for working in a systematic manner through formalised procedures and processes governed by Operational Pre-requisite Programs (OPRP) & Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans and designed to ensure food safety and good manufacturing practices at all times.  A Food Safety Team has been delegated and authorised with the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of our Food Safety Management System.

The Company is committed to:

  • Preparing and serving safe and high quality products that meet customer expectations and legal requirements;
  • Ensuring compliance with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and all relevant state legislation and regulations;
  • Continually improving food safety performance through regular system auditing, evaluation and improvement planning.
  • Establishing business and food safety objectives which support the principles of food safety which are regularly monitored and reviewed;
  • Welcoming customer feedback as a means to facilitate continual improvement and identify customer needs and expectations;
  • Ensuring all employees are appropriately trained, including food handling training and are informed of relevant food safety information;
  • Communicating relevant food safety information and reporting on food safety performance;
  • Informing customers of important nutritional and allergen information;
  • Communicating the requirements of this policy to all workers and taking steps to ensure that it is understood; and
  • Ensuring adequate resources are made available to implement this policy.

The Food Safety Management System will be reviewed annually by management and audited to ensure it remains relevant to our operations and complies with any changes in legislation. 

The Managing Director and senior management fully endorse this Policy and the formal Food Safety Management System that has been implemented.

Managing Director
Stadium Australia Operations                                                                           
4 November 2016