• Arthur Stanley - General Manager, Media & Communications

Arthur Stanley is one of Sydney's most experienced media professionals, having spent over 40 years in mainstream media and corporate communications roles.

He joined ANZ Stadium as General Manager of Media and Communications and a member of the Executive Leadership Team in December 2011.
Responsible for all media strategies at the Stadium, Arthur plays an active role in promoting events in the mainstream media and through self-publishing platforms such as the ANZ Stadium website and social media. He works closely with the Event and Business development team and stadium hirers to devise strategies around game-day initiatives. He has recently launched both the Sydney Olympic Park Stadia Masterplan and ANZ Stadium redevelopment plans across the various media platforms.

Arthur heads up the Stadium’s charity program, which raises money for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, among other good causes. The Stadium hosts hundreds of guests each year as part of its charity program.

Arthur also oversees the ANZ Stadium Ambassadors Program.

He produces and edits STADIUM magazine, a glossy publication for ANZ Stadium Members and corporate guests, and has also developed the venue’s numerous social media platforms.

Previously, he was Sports News Editor at Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper for more than 11 years – a senior member of the team that produces the most dynamic daily sports section in the Australian media.

Arthur was a senior editorial member of The Olympian – the 40-page daily Olympic newspaper that was produced during the 2000 Sydney Olympics – and covered numerous major stories in both sport and news as a reporter. He is an experienced newspaper/magazine editor and sub-editor.

He is also the author/co-author or editor of 12 books in the fields of sport, wellness and human potential, and co-publisher of several magazines.

Specialties: Media Consultancy & Strategy; Issue Management; Sports Business & Venue Management; Public Relations Strategy; Journalism; Content Production & Editing; Publishing.